Results of survey "Questionnaire for students from the target group of the US ICT project participating in LTT Turkey"
Respondent statistics:
Total respondents:
Male: 19
Female: 6
No data: 3
Average age: 17.5 years
Summary of results
1. Do you think you have learned something more due to the US-ICT, Erasmus Plus project? Explain your answer.
1) Yes, i learned to program in a program that I like
2) Evet bu projenin öğrencilerin ufkunu ve bilgisini genişleteceğini düşünüyorum
3) Yes, I learned to work in scratch.
4) yes of course
5) Yes,
6) Yes,
7) Yes
8) I belive it adds something to me because we have fun and learn
9) yes,it makes me improve my english.
10) Yes! A lot! I found the project very interesting
11) I think it has developed foreign culture and language.
12) Yes,because I can benefit from career opportunities in the future
13) Yes,ı believe that ı ımprove myself.
14) Of course. I think I have developed in the field of programming, I have improved my teamwork skills and also with foreigners.
15) I learned to use the platforma "Scratch" and many other math.
16) Yes i learned much things
17) Yes i learned much things
18) I can say that I have learned to communicate more with my colleagues, to work in the team and an extra skill to work on scratch
19) Yes, I learned about SCRATCH, also, how to work with foreign students
20) Yes I did learned a lot of new things, including how to work with Scratch.
21) Yes, it was good experience
22) Yes, of course. I have learned how to program better.
23) Yes, I do. In fact we learn about technology
24) Yes. It gave me really useful experience that I will use in the future
25) Yes, I learned a lot about coding and it helped me to learn more about it
26) Yes, I didn't know Scratch and its funtionalities.
27) Yes, because I had the opportunity to learn new things about programmation
28) Yes,i do.

I think that i leaned a lot of

2. What are the disciplines/ subjects involved in the project?
1) Informatics and programming
2) Evet çünkü öğrencilerin ufkunu açacak olan bir proje olduğunu düşünüyorum
3) T.I.C
4) we will see other country and lear coding
5) I don't know
6) İs coding
7) Yes
8) They teachers us how to Code
9) we leorn coding and we see foreign countries.
10) Maths
11) They teach us how to software
12) Coding takes place
13) I n terms of computer program and foreing language as result of this project.
14) Informatics, programming using Scratch.
15) Math


16) Matematica , fizica
17) Matematica , fizica
18) The disciplines we studied and taught in the project were ICT related, for which we learned to work in scratch
19) IT, math, art maybe
20) IT
21) We learned to work with scratch program, it was really useful
22) How to program on Scratch and other programs.
23) Technology, math, english and others
24) We were learning about programming in scratch program. It was really fun. Now I program in it in my free time
25) IT, math
26) Scientific and mathematic disciplines
27) Mainly informatic, that could be applied at sciences
28) Math


3. Do you think that getting involved in the project will offer you practical examples designed to contribute to a better understanding of programming concepts with Scratch? Explain your answer.
1) Yes, getting involved in projects helps you to be a better programmer and to train yourself
2) Evet
3) Yes, because we learned a lot of things.
4) yes i think i will do this
5) No
6) me and my friends think that we will contribute to this program
7) Yes
8) Yes I can do A few small coding
9) yes,because I will karn the scratch program.
10) Yes!
11) Yes, because I know how to use the computer.
12) No
13) I believe than me and my friends will contribute to the program.
14) Of course. Within this project, I have grown enormously from the threshold where I knew nothing at the threshold where I was able to make a game.
15) Yes, I think it Will give me a lot of new things to learn. It will make me to pay more atention to what I do.
16) Yes i learned work in the program scratch. Is very funny
17) Yes , i learnd work in the program scratch
18) I think this experience has helped me gain more experience in the scratch field and I believe that in the future I will be of great use to you
19) Yes, because before the project I didn’t know what Scratch was
20) Yes I do.
21) Yes, it was really fun and useful
22) Yes, of course. When you are in project, you are learning how to program better on computer.
23) Yes, I do in fact I learn a lot of the methods of these programms
24) Yes because now I understand the program better
25) Yes
26) Yes, Scratch is an easy end elementary way of programmation. It could be usefull to understand more complex ones.
27) Yes
28) Yes,i do
4. Did the teacher give you any grades for your work?
1) Yes
2) Hayır
3) I do not remember
4) I don't know
5) No
6) No
7) Yes
8) No
9) YES.
10) No
11) I don't know
12) Yes
13) No
14) Yes, he gave me.
15) Yes, I got actually high grades for my work.
16) Yes
17) Yes
18) I can say that he gave me a class that I did very well both myself and my team, we worked in our team and our high school and made a big name in the Erasmus project
19) No
20) No, he didn't
21) Not on the paper sheet but in word yes
22) Yeah
23) No, he didn’t
24) No, not really but he was good so it was no need for that
25) No
26) No, and it helped everyone to fell himself involved in the lesson
27) No
28) No, they didn't
5. How do you appreciate the LTT mobility activities in Turkey?
Very bad bar1bar2 Very good
4.79 / 5
Among 28 respondents the average answer is 4.79 (in scale from 1 to 5).
6. How do you appreciate the quality of Scratch programming concepts received in the LTT mobility workshops in Turkey?
Very good 14 bar1bar2  50%
Good 13 bar1bar2  46.4%
Satisfactory 1 bar1bar2  3.6%
Bad 0 bar1bar2  0%
Very bad 0 bar1bar2  0%
Total răspunsuri 28  
7. How do you appreciate the impact of the information received about the visual programming upon the ability to make an application to one of the science disciplines?
Very good 13 bar1bar2  46.4%
Good 14 bar1bar2  50%
Satisfactory 1 bar1bar2  3.6%
Bad 0 bar1bar2  0%
Very bad 0 bar1bar2  0%
Total răspunsuri 28  
8. What new knowledge, skills and aptitudes are considered as being gained from this mobility activity within the project?
1) Visula
2) Evet
3) Developing communication and interrelation skills.
4) coding and recognition and socialization
5) 6
6) Thanks to this project ı have learned about the european union and abroad
7) Yes
8) I learned simple coding and alsa developed A foreign languege
9) I developed my self on forign languages and computer.
10) About coding and programming
11) I developed computer skills and developed my foreign language skills.
12) Development of foreign language
13) Thanks to this project ı have learned about the european union and foreign countries.
14) I learned to program in Scratch to create a game, develop my knowledge of english, teamwork, and teamwork with strangers and socializing skills.
15) I got some math knowledge and a lot of computer programing knowledge
16) Is very funny
17) Îs very Funny
18) I can say that I have enjoyed a pleasant experience both on the basis of friendship with those in Turkey, Italy and Lithuania, but also on the basis of scratch schedules with my teammates, I learned to have more confidence in me, to work in the team, and I can say that I have also learned their language and those of Italy
19) Ability to work in groups
20) How to use and how to make something with Scratch
21) I personally learned to be better at programming
22) I improved my programming skills on Scratch.
23) Scrutch
24) I learned to program better
25) Coding, learning in groups
26) Working in group with foreign peaple
27) More familiarity with the computer use
28) learned to create a scratch without the supervision of a professor
9. Do you think that writing scratch projects in mathematics will help you understand mathematical concepts more easily?
True 24 bar1bar2  85.7%
False 4 bar1bar2  14.3%
Total răspunsuri 28  

Explanation: Total answers is the sum of all answers selected by the participants on certain question. The percentage for each answer option is calculated dividing the amount of this answer with the number of total answers.